Lab One Support Group

The treatment of blood disease is very expensive and in the context of Bangladesh, most of the patients family cannot continue medical treatment. As a result, family members are dying before of their eyes. ‘Lab One Support Group’ has been established to get rid of this helpless situation. Those, who are wealthy in society, will donate money as zakat or grant according to their capabilities and medical treatment will be provided by this donation or grant to the patients who are unable to afford their treatment cost. We want to create a support group of 25 members in every upazilla of the whole country, with the help of those groups; unaffordable patients can take medical treatment. The goal of the ‘Lab One Support Group’ is to ensure that, people do not die due to lack oftreatment.

Aims and Objectives

  • To ensure better treatment for the unaffordable patients.
  • To build a co-operative relationship with each other in the society by combining rich people.
  • By forming a committee at each district and upazilla level to ensure the treatment of helpless and poor patients of those upazilla.
  • To create separate employments for these patients as they cannot lead a normal life like other people. Where they can work according to their capabilities and earn wages according to their need.
  • To create public awareness among the people of the whole country as the people do not know about these complicated blood disease which can be avoided or prevented if they are slightly aware.