LOF Profile

‘Lab One Foundation’ situated at Uttara of Dhaka City, is a non-profitable private organization which provides medical care constantly to ensure well treatment facilities by giving donation to the helpless and poor patients. In January of 2002, this organization commenced its foot step and it has been providing well and modern treatment facilities since last 17 years by standing beside the helpless and poor patients. It is working for the patients especially who have been suffering from different types of blood disorders like Thalassaemia, Haemophilia, Blood Cancer, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Leukemia, Aplastic Anaemia along with other blood diseases and is also working to ensure good treatment facilities for the impoverished patients. The treatment of these types of blood disorders is very expensive. Being affected with these blood disorders, many people in Bangladesh faces pre-mature death due to lack of better treatment as it is costly here. Many other people suffering from these diseases cannot save their last breath even after selling their whole properties. For this, LOF is providing services for 24 hours to ensure well treatment facilities, so that these kinds of patients can take better treatment at affordable cost. This foundation is also providing services by giving donation to those who are completely insolvent. Lab One Foundation has Eight annexes. These are-

01. Lab One Research Institute of Haematology & Hospital

02. Lab One Foundation of Thalassaemia & Hospital

03. Lab One Foundation of Haemophilia & Hospital

04. Lab One Blood Bank

05. Lab One Blood Donor Club

06. Lab One Support Group

07. Lab One Sangskritic Forum

08. Lab One Bone Marrow Donor Club